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We realize that sometimes you just want to talk about your dog(s) or figure something out.  Good thing we are all dog-loving problem solvers at Dogs Being Basic. Find out who you should email below.

Scenario #1: I have a general inquiry and I love Dogs Being Basic.  Email

Scenario #2: I just placed an order and I made a mistake on my size, my address, my name and/or my email.  I need to talk to someone to help me fix my boo boo. Email

Scenario #3: I really have this amazing idea for a meme for the Dogs Being Basic page and my friend has an awesome blog about dog training she wants to share.  Email

Scenario #4:  I just got my items and I realize that I might need to return or exchange one or all of them even though I'm extremely obsessed with my dog.  Email

Scenario #5:  I noticed that you give a portion of your proceeds to animal rescues across the United States and I have a rescue organization that is really close to my heart. I would love to tell Dogs Being Basic why this rescue rocks and request a donation on their behalf.  Email

All other inquires that don't fit in one of these general categories, email